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It's 2009 and our family has hit the ground runnin' like Forrest. Lydia's been to her 4 mo. Dr. visit and gotten her first report card. They gave us an actual report card that tells us she's now a whopping 12 lbs 15 oz, 25 1/4" tall and as healthy as she can be. She took her new round of immunizations like a champ and no side effects. The doctor also said it's fine to start her on solids now. That's fun for all parties involved. She's not having any trouble with her new talent; she even likes her peas! Mom wants to start making the baby's food herself so Lydia's in for a treat. Dad has started school again with 3 classes (2 after work and 1 online). Mom and baby get Tuesdays and Thursdays to themselves for the semester, and hopefully next semester dad can take all online classes. He really wants to be home as much as possible.

Love from the VanSchootens

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year from the VanSchootens!